Wado Shinzen-Kai Kokusai Karate was started in the late sixties. It was established in 1969 by Shodai-Soke John N. Hawk, 10th Dan, after spending a great part of his younger life learning, teaching, and developing his style of Karatedo. Shodai Hawk has received Dan certification in several different karate styles including GoshinDo Kempo, Mixed Martial Arts, BKG & BKR Wado, Zendoryu, and Zen Nippon Karate Do Goyukai Wadoryu (Tokyo Japan).
He has utilized the best of each style to build a more complete and effective system while adding his interpretations to all techniques.

Wado Shinzen- Kai Kokusai has been established in the countries of Germany, Spain, and the United States. Within the USA, the WSK is located in New York, Pennsylvania,
New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas.

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