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Adrian is a career chosen professional coach with a degree from University of Colorado Denver and has been coaching for 11 years. Being a competitive athlete in martial arts and gymnastics has given Adrian the opportunity to be trained by the world's best coaches and has developed a keen attention to detail while coaching. A complete understanding of mechanics makes Adrian highly specialized in body weight movements and agility work. The perfection in this domain has led the last seven years to be dedicated to coaching weightlifting, strength and conditioning and body composition changes for different types of people.

What to Expect

The first session we go over the client's goals, injuries, training background and the type of time commitment they are able to make. We then go on to do an introductory workout where the I can assess movement patterns and flexibility. This first session helps me set up future training sessions with the proper scaling to ensure we are completing workouts with the right intent and intensity. After that you will have homework to complete between each session. When you come in we will talk for the first few minutes about how you have been doing since I last saw you regarding exercise, nutrition, family stress and any other factors that may be coming into play that affect your performance. Then depending on your personalized program we focus on keeping you moving for the entire hour while going through routines and drills that will help improvement your movement patterns, build muscle and shred fat.


864 East 78th Avenue, Thornton, Colorado 80229, United States of America

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