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Hi, my name is Anthony. Throughout my years as a baseball player, I suffered through many aches, pains and serious injuries that eventually led to an in end in my career. Most of these could have been avoided by proper training, nutrition and lifestyle habits. Because of this, I have dedicated myself to becoming the best version of myself and helping others get to that same place. I am a believer that the body doesn't just have to look pretty, it needs to have the proper base to be able to maintain high levels of training throughout a prolonged amount of time without suffering any injuries. I have a passion for health, wellness, fitness and nutrition and I have applied that to my life, my studies (Bachelor's in Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Barry University) and have looked to motivate others into living a healthier lifestyle overall. If you need guidance, support, motivation, training or nutritional guidance, sign up and lets make your dreams come true today!

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High intensity, efficient workouts designed challenge you in new ways to improve your body composition, body composition and overall performance and appearance


900 W 19th St, Hialeah, Florida 33010, United States

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