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Anyone can make you sweat. Anyone can pump their fist and urge you on for one more rep. But can they get the best from you and produce the best lasting results for you? Arthur is more than a fit body and a few encouraging catch phrases.

He is a dedicated fitness professional with more than twenty years of bringing health and life goals to reality. For each of his clients, Arthur crafts comprehensive wellness strategies that achieve the clients’ individual goals and needs. From seniors with physical challenges to elite athletes, performers, and models, Arthur inspires his clients and produces health and fitness results that last.

In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Arthur is an accomplished and licensed Pilates instructor. His innovative approach and exceptional results, have landed him in several major publications including: The Beacon, AARP, The Wichita Eagle, and The Salina Journal newspaper. Perhaps even more important than his stellar qualifications, is his ability to drive, inspire, and connect with his clients. There’s no certification or license that covers engaging personalities, but if there were, Arthur would probably be teaching it!

By incorporating Pilates with weight training and cardio, Arthur enjoys unique success helping his clients to achieve flexibility, athleticism, core strength and an ideal healthy body weight. In addition to his training activities, he is currently the owner of 2Fitt Wellness – a cross-platform, online personal training program.

Before becoming a full-time fitness coach and entrepreneur, Arthur was a competitive dancer at the highest levels for more than a dozen years. After more than two decades as a fitness professional, Arthur’s passion for his work is stronger than ever. His infectious energy and expertise continue to lift clients of every level to reach their goals and live better lives. And his diverse skills and background, coupled with his easy vibe, make him an ideal addition to any successful fitness team.

What to Expect

Motivational, Inspirational, enjoyment, and energy. The drive and ability to continue to push forward.

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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