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We specialize in performance coaching, strength and conditioning, sport-specific training, and nutritional counseling. Our primary focus is on helping parents institute strong standards and values in adolescents and young adults. Our world has settled with average and is plaguing our current generations. This must come to a holt while instilling hope. If the adult can not change, the least one can do is give their child a shot at an existence built on perpetual growth and success.

Our focus is on athletes, fighters, and first responders. Do not be disarmed by the categories. We are all fighters should we make the decision. We have written programs for public agencies throughout the USA. This is only one platform we advertise our services on and above all, we are NOT personal trainers. We are performance coaches!

We should all strive to deliver the utmost customer service because the public is our greatest asset. Customer service is in every aspect of any job and/or facet in life. Customer service is my specialty and a skill I have strengthened throughout the years and have been fortunate enough to teach to those around me either through empowerment or positive reinforcement. Customer service is quite easy when you break it down; it’s the ability to speak to any individual on a professional and courteous level. People want to be heard and it is your job to ensure that. I can perform and display the professionalism needed for you to be successful.

The most prestigious group I will ever lead in my life is my family. I have been fortunate in life to be the husband of an amazing woman who gave me two incredible daughters. This is my purpose and the sole reason why I hold myself and those around my family to the highest of standards. The belief was the ingredient that made a reworked habit loop into a permanent behavior.

A life with high standards, a growth mindset, and above all, connectivity. Everything you need, you already have.

Aurelius Athletics is the avenue to bring forth the “switch” in perspective and awaken the echoes.

Be Creative - Bring Value!

Below you will find a list of degrees, certifications, qualifications, and different credentials. I am not a firm believer in paper credentials, I want action and one with experience. I list the qualifications for transparent reasons to show there is a human behind the product and to establish trust in the world I serve. I look forward to building a relationship with all of you.

Serial Entrepreneur in the making
Aurelius Athletics - Founder
Realtor - Self-employed
Masters of Science - Online
B.S. Kinesiology - CSUF
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
1st Phorm Legionnaire
Varsity High School Football Coach
Strength & Conditioning Coach
First Responder
Federal & State Instructor
American Red Cross Instructor

What to Expect

So here is a simulated breakdown. Remember, the plan is scalable and we will adapt to your needs and body. The program will be specific to only YOU. 1. (3x) sessions per week 2. Nutrition Counseling 3. Sustainable Program 4. Specific Goals 5. Supplementation (should it be necessary) 6. Hydration (Gallon of water a day, minimum) 7. Sleep 8. Habits and Rituals I prefer to start most on the (2) sessions per week. Again, this is something we aren't accustomed to doing daily so we need to plan accordingly. We can scale to 3x times a week (normally happens around the end of the second month) but I am not one to stop someone who is hungry for change. I can send a sample workout for reference but we won't know what to build for you until we identify your strengths and weaknesses. The average cost equals average results. We all pay for value!

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How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

NASM Certified

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