would like to briefly discuss the concepts of Christian Karate Academy. Today, there are two ways that Christians can justifiably be involved in the Martial Arts. The first and most popular way is by removing religious ceremonialism of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, etc. that may be attached to some systems or styles, and practicing only the physical techniques of self-defense as a form of exercise or sport. Even though Martial Arts are amoral, not necessarily cultural, religious or philosophical, we believe the Christian way of Martial Arts should be more challenging. This requires replacing traditional Eastern religious beliefs and concepts with Christian ones, thus, “sanctifying” them for the glory of God and benefit of His people. In this way, the Martial Arts become more than an exercise or sport, it becomes the true Way of the Warrior; a tool for personal growth and for genuine spiritual development in a Christian life.

Throughout the centuries, God has been raising mighty men and women, people of valor and honor, who carried His banner of righteousness and brought peace to the nations and harmony to the earth. These warriors of the Spirit never gave up and pressed on through the darkness they earned the torch of Truth, sacrificing their lives for it and the glory of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom and the unshakable love for their King brought to them the crown of glory and fame, even though they didn’t look for it in the first place. They reflected the character of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST. We are aware of our own weakness and inadequacy, and know that without God’s help and guidance we’ll never accomplish this calling. We also believe that God can use anybody who is willing to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, hearts and body.

At Christian Karate Academy our mission is:

To inspire and develor courageiou lader to love God, serve others and work diligently to become life long lerarners.

Run to the Battle

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