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You're a busy person. Life, work, and obligations keep you busy. Sometimes our busy lives keep us from improving our fitness. Some people simply are not motivated as well as others to achieve their fitness goals. Others simply do not know where to begin.

That's where I come in. I'm not just a personal trainer. I am a Motivational Fitness Expert. I help people like you establish their goals, develop the motivation needed to achieve, and I will be there every step of the way to ensure your success. I help instill passion into peoples lives.

My approach to training is different than most. It is impractical for a personal trainer to expect their clients to want or need training for the rest of their lives. With me, you will learn to develop motivation, stay determined for success, see your results, and be educated to continue on your own.

What to Expect

First we will be establishing your fitness goal, then diving into WHY, in order to better develop an emotional connection to that goal. Then we will be setting short term goals and steps to help you be successful. Progress tracking is a large part of your success. During our sessions you will learn the specific reasons for each exercise and the specific reasons for the structure of the routine. All forms of the routine and exercises are goal specific to you personally. Each session will count as an assessment to track your progress and areas for improvement. You will receive "homework" to practice until our next session. Every workout you perform on your own will also be personalized and goal specific. The same principles will be applied to your nutrition coaching. It will be goal specific, you will be taught the specific reasons for the diet choices, and you will be taught various dieting tips and tricks.


2925 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, United States of America

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