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Master Moy Lin Shin, Founder

Master Moy Lin Shin, a Taoist master, dedicated his life to alleviating suffering by helping others cultivate themselves through the Taoist arts. Master Moy synthesized a powerful system for cultivating body, mind and spirit based on Taoist teachings as well as training he received from respected teachers in China and Hong Kong. In 1970, he immigrated to Canada where he immediately began teaching Taoist Tai Chi® arts to all who wished to learn. Today, inspired by this vision, the Fung Loy Kok Board of Directors along with many dedicated volunteers continue to make these arts available in communities everywhere.

More Than Movement: A Form of Spiritual Cultivation

Master Moy was always careful to point out that these teachings are more than a set of movements. They are a form of spiritual cultivation and a way of life. They are a path that encompasses practical wisdom and a way to return to a more natural way of living. In earlier times these cultivation techniques were the special domain of monastic practitioners. Recognizing their great benefits, Master Moy wanted to open them up to all who wished to learn.

In 1998, Master Moy passed away, leaving the organization a clear direction and a powerful foundation. In a spirit of learning and working together, his students have continued to develop these teachings in order to share them with others. As Master Moy envisioned, these arts will continue to flourish for generations to come.

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Aims & Objectives
Our aims and objectives ensure everyone receives the same quality of instruction and dedicated leadership.
To Alleviate Suffering
To Make the Taoist Arts Available to All
To Promote the Taoist Concept of Health through the Practice of the Taoist arts
To Promote Cultural Exchange
To Help Others

“When I practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts with a group, I’m in the present moment and the energy in the room is amazing.“

Patty, Chicago, USA

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