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Hi, my name is Leonard. From my personal story I know how easy it is to slip and ignore my own health and well-being. I stopped being physically active when my kids were born. I started gaining weight and gradually my energy level decreased. My health deteriorated - resulted in being sick a lot and a number of knee injuries. I came up with excuses why I couldn't be physically active again - "I can't do any sports because of my injuries..." or "...I just don't have time". I didn't have much energy to play with kids, be effective at work and have joy in life - it was depressing.
One day I realized that I could change all this, if and ONLY if I treated my health and well-being with higher importance. I started taking steps toward building my physical strength and endurance. I joined my friend's cycling group, I started introducing regular physical exercise to my routine. Soon after I became a BeachBody coach and ran fitness challenge groups for friends and family to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.
Last year I became a NASM certified personal trainer to help train young athletes and adults in bootcamps. I ran my own Accelerate BootCamp for Youth https://www.facebook.com/GameFitness-LLC-2030074140358652 which helped a number of people loose weight, gain appreciation of physical fitness and education on sustainable healthy lifestyle. It makes me super happy to see my clients get back on their right footing with their health !
I now have participated in 5 consecutive cycling races (Three Gaps/Six Gaps) and run in obstacle course races every year with my family (Spartan, ToughMudder, RuggedManiac and others)
I currently run Tabata class (circuit-based fitness training) for a number of clients to help them get back to getting in shape and feeling great!
I love helping people get motivated through engaging and fun custom-built physical fitness programs and providing education on healthy sustainable lifestyles. Please see more on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009160103461
I hope to earn your trust and become your personal fitness trainer to help you get back to high energy and feeling of joy!
Personal Trainer Alpharetta GA

What to Expect

* Functional Training with engaging modalities like a SPRI platform, medicine ball, exercise balls and others * Educating on injury prevention * Will make it super fun and engaging

  • 160 North Main Street, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009, United States of America

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NASM Certified

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