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Hi, my name is Patrick. I've had a passion for fitness and nutrition for 5 years now and it's my life. There's no greater feeling on earth than having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. True wealth is having powerful vitality and strong health. That's real riches, not money.

Ecclesiasticus 30:15-16
[15 Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.]
[16 There is no riches above a sound body, and no joy above the joy of the heart.]

Even the Most High, the Heavenly Father Himself said in the bible that a healthy body is above gold and infinite riches. That's interesting too because when you're healthy and in shape, you FEEL like gold and you FEEL like a million bucks. That's a feeling that I'm 100% positive that you'd love to have all the time without a doubt. That's why health and vitality is so important. Many people consider their houses and their apartments their "home", but your TRUE home is your BODY! Your body is where your SOUL lives and resides in. Your body is your temple and must be treated well the same way you perform maintenance on a car or any other type of machine.

The feeling you get by eating right foods, drinking the right liquids, and making the right dietary choices is a feeling that you'll love above anything, because when you're in harmony with your mind, body, and spirit you function at 100% strength, which is how you're supposed to feel all the time and I'm here to get you on that right path to become a healthier, stronger, and better you. The fact that you're on this site searching for a personal trainer like me to help you achieve that means that you are already on that path to make that great transformation to change your life for the better.

What to Expect

Clients that are trained by me can expect fun, creative, and exciting workout sessions from me using nothing but their own body. With weight lifting, using dumbbells, benches, and machines all you do is increase the weight you use with very few variations to keep the workouts exciting and fun which makes the workouts boring and dull very soon and that's why so many people quick going to the gym. However, with calisthenics/body weight exercises you change variations, angles, directions, and speed of the exercises which always keeps your body guessing cause it's unpredictable so your body can never adapt to it, which means you're body is ALWAYS gaining muscle and burning fat because of the unpredictability! Calisthenics is so fun and effective and that's the only way I train my clients because that's how confident I am in this specific form of training.

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