Welcome to the NEW PSL Wing Chun!

This is a not-for-profit self defense program open for anyone with a willingness to learn. "Training with others to learn an efficient way of self defense is our passion, not our occupation!"

From your first day in class you will learn self defense you can apply immediately to protect yourselves and loved ones in everyday situations. There is no need for aerobic moves or kicks, no weight lifting, no wrestling, no gloves, no hitting heavy bags, no wasted motions, no belts to achieve or badges to earn, no uniforms to buy, and no contracts.

General Information
We are a group of practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu from varying lineages and experiences of the art. Through our learning and real life experiences, we believe that this is truly the best self defense for today's everyday threats.

We believe in teaching the application of Wing Chun self defense first, then fine tuning it as we go along to achieve maximum efficiency. This seperates us from most schools that take years of fees, belts, katas, and forms to achieve what we call "ready for use self defense".

"Learn how to drive a car efficiently first. Then learn how to tune it up!"

Wing Chun Kung Fu has been popularized in movies such as the IP Man series and Grandmasters, and practiced by popular icons like the great Bruce Lee, Robert Downey, Jr., Nicholas Cage, and Donny Yen. This 300 year old martial art is well known for it's no nonsense form of self defense and it's ability for a smaller, older, weaker opponent to defend themselves against opponents twice their size and/or strength!

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