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Why do martial arts?

-Self-Defense. ...

-Self-Confidence. ...

-Belts and Ranking. ...

-Discipline. ...

-Individual Achievement: No one sits on the Bench. ...

-Gender Equality. ...

-FUN way to workout! ...

No matter the reason The Five Rings Dojang is right for you.

At our school we focus on real world applications to the martial arts. What we teach works, it is not for show or for play, it is for self-defense. With this goal in mind we are willing to work harder, and through that effort we are able to achieve all the reasons one would have to do martial arts.

“It is said the warrior's is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways. Even if a man has no natural ability he can be a warrior by sticking assiduously to both divisions of the Way.”

- Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings

No matter your age, fitness level, or a disability we have something for you.

For our younger kids (ages 3-8 years) we have our Mighty Mantis Program. This helps instil confidence and discipline, getting them ready for our Tang Soo Do Karate program. Our Mighty Mantis program is designed for the youth, we not only teach anti-bullying, stranger danger, self defense, but we also give them a healthy dose of discipline, self-confidence, and respect.

In our Tang Soo Do Karate class (ages 8+) we focus on real world applications to the martial arts. Here we work hard to instil physical fitness, self discipline, and self confidence. We do compete at open martial arts tournaments, but that is not our goal that is a by product of what we do, we focus on real world self defense. With us you will learn that your only limitations that you have are the ones that you set for yourself.

In our Israeli Krav Maga program (adults only 14+) we teach nitty gritty self defense. You will be amazed at how fast you start learning real world self defense, while at the same time having the workout of your life. "Street fights are unpredictable, dirty fights" -Imi Lichtenfeld This is how we train no rules, no limitations, anything goes, and in the spirit of that, that is how we train full out 100% intensity.

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