For fifty years, the Washington Karate Association (WKA) founder and president, Julius Thiry, has inculcated Karate-do techniques and tenets to thousands of students worldwide who have stood testament, and the test of time, to his teaching brand. While there will always be exceptions, Hanshi Thiry's lessons have translated into a vast number of vested, productive citizens of their respective communities within a wide spectrum of pursuits. For fifty years, there has been a continuity of purpose, personal attention to detail and oversight, that has elevated Karate standards-student by student--- throughout Washington State, the United States and the World. Based upon the WKA model, this standard has proven itself by thoughtful incremental steps toward excellence at every level. Leading by example, Julius Thiry has been pro-active and dutiful to the art and sport of Karate in a way that is historically shared by a handful of notable karate-ka. Rather than a skill or niche, WKA instruction has manifested into many meaningful successes at all levels of leadership, institutional and individual.

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