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Do You Know That The Most Succesful Personal Trainers Work Independently?

Starting a career in personal training can be very rewarding both physically and financially if you understand the ends and outs of the business. In your search for personal trainer jobs near me understand that not all gyms and fitness centers are equal especially when it comes to their values and pay structures. This article will give you a much clearer perspective on how much you can make as a personal trainer and why our directory is the best when it comes to generating new clients that are looking for you! While the most successful personal trainers do work independently, they didn’t get there over night. There’s nothing wrong with starting out as a personal trainer in a gym setting. Working in this environment is an opportunity to gain experience and meet new people. However, being a self-employed trainer can unlock your earning potential in a way that working dependently in a gym cannot.

First Step: Certification
While it seems like you may know enough to just jump in, there are certain credentials before receiving a formal agreement to provide Personal Training services.

There are concerns for gyms or fitness centers that do not have certified participants. Ensuring that you have completed a recognized program will allow you to be a better candidate and perhaps provide you additional credibility when it comes to compensation.

Being certified is a crucial part in your personal training career. While seeking certification make sure you get certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED. Many of the certifications have a prerequisite for the AED & CPR certificates.

Here is a list of the most popular certifications you can attain for this career:

  1. ACE (American Exercise Counsel) most accepted CPT Certification.
  2. ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Geared towards hospitals and wellness centers.
  3. ISSA (International Sciences Sports Association) Geared towards body composition.
  4. NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Geared towards corrected exercise.
  5. NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Recommended if getting a degree.

(Getting Certified will cost you anywhere from $280-$1500 Plus extra study material.)

Finding a Well-Paying Gym: How Much Income is Possible?

Looking into Personal Training, one question that may be on your mind is likely compensation. When it comes to choosing a profession that you’re passionate about, it’s also important to remember the income portion that will be directly called to it. May often wonder about the possibility of what they can achieve in the world of Personal Training.

While there are options to start your own personal training complex or program, using a Gym as a first step is a great option.

If you’re interested in starting your own program, you can achieve this through a number of different avenues including social media, having a website and search engine optimization. You will still want to market yourself on many platforms to increase your visibility, marketing isn’t something you can just skip out on. You will find yourself searching for fitness jobs near me all over again.

To demonstrate to you the benefits of starting out at a gym, this article contains all that you need to know about what it takes and what it pays as a personal trainer.

In addition, we’re going to review the different methods of payment and how that is determined in the process.

The Breakdown of Pay Structures:

There are several different options when it comes to pay schedules and they may differ depending on the environment. There is a difference between the following gym types such as Commercial Gym, Independent Personal Trainers, and 10-99 personal trainers which are considered to be independent contractors.

Commercial Gyms:

Diving deeper in regard to Commercial Gyms, this can be a lucrative venture. Depending on the commercial gym’s business model, there is certainly opportunity for those who are willing to strike rich. Depending on the employees, some have the opportunity to recruit their own clients and then earn a higher amount of commission in regards to this, other gyms force their own clientele upon a personal trainer and therefore leave you with less earnings potential. Many of the commercial gyms have tactics in place for you to recruit your own clientele throughout the gymnasium itself. In doing this, the personal trainer is generally collecting hourly wage.

1099 Personal Training:

As a personal trainer that is independently contracted, you are essentially offering services under a contract of payment to a company that will hire you for their specific client. Unlike independent personal training, you are not independently employed and all the proceeds of the session do not go to you. You will have an agreement with the gym or organization which allows you to collect your share of the cost while the organization takes theirs. There are no taxes paid on this income up front so you will be responsible for tracking this and ensuring that income taxes are paid on this. While the downside is that you are not eligible for any health care or benefits, it’s often a great arrangement to secure some opportunities in personal training. The financial portion relies upon the specifics of the gym and what they charge per session for your services.

Independent Personal Training

Do you enjoy working for yourself? When it comes to being an independent personal trainer there is more freedom based on the job position. When you have the flexibility to take on the clients you wish without the restrictions of the gym’s impositions, you have more freedom to take ownership over your own essential small business. While it can be daunting to become and independent trainer because of the amount it takes to boost your reputation, it can be a well rewarding career. Rather than ever getting an hourly rate from a commercial gym, you essentially will only collect a paycheck when your client shows up for services. In the event that you have cancellations or your client has been injured, this can make the situation more difficult as you do not have a base pay. Its possible that you may also need to find a facility that will allow you to work with your clients. Most gyms will ask you to pay a daily rate if you’re inclined to do your workouts in a facility.

Getting Started As A Private Personal Trainer:

One of the most alluring positions as a Personal Trainer may look like doing an independent personal training gig. The reason for this is because you are able to have autonomy over your business and your income. While this is very appealing, it can be difficult to find clients that are ready to commit to you when you are first starting. There’s a number of ways to start generating business but it’s important that you utilize references and word of mouth referrals.

You also are responsible for your social media management, financial management, marketing, and customer service. While you can be choosey with your schedule when you work for yourself, if you have enough clients under your wing.

It takes more than just enthusiasm to get started as a private personal trainer and it can require a large up-front investment in terms of time and money. Because of this, many personal trainers choose to partner with a gym to gain clients initially and get their feet wet so that they understand the business well enough to manage it themselves.

How Much Do Private Personal Trainers Make?

As you’re searching for personal trainer jobs near me, you may be wondering, “how much can I make as a private personal trainer? Depending on the region, expertise, and reputation, some personal trainers make nearly $70,000 on an average year. Also with using our platform we make it easier to achieve this by attracting users to our website that are searching for personal trainers near me.

If you’re looking at working at a gym, it’s less likely that this income figure is tangible. With a gym position as a personal trainer at 24-hour fitness, the income is going to be nearly half of this. NASM also has established that $40,000 is a more realistic figure for what average personal trainers are able to profit annually. Clearly, if you have your own Private Personal Training business, your income potential is unlimited. However, it’s important to seek out good guidance in terms of business so you know what to expect from taxes and business costs.

In a gym environment, you’ll likely be working more time putting in to walking around and searching for potential clients. When you have a private personal training business, you are able to extend your time to that which you enjoy and want to commit your time to. The hourly wage can be difficult to overcome especially if you’re having challenging sales.

There are even more alternatives in terms of making money as a personal trainer. One alternative is using the internet for Online Personal Training.

Online Personal Trainer Jobs – How Does Online Personal Training Work?

The future is remote and the search for online personal trainer jobs near me will continue to grow.  Because of this, many enthusiastic works out and weight loss participants have decided to pursue their health management through online classes. As an online personal trainer, you can create an internet presence in which you coach remotely through a social media call or video.

Because this is a new way of doing things that hasn’t yet been completely regulated or decided upon, you have a great amount of freedom to personalize your client’s experience. Whether you’re looking to do video check ins, calls, or social media methodologies, you’re guaranteed to find unique and creative ways that others are using this platform to create and compliment their career.

Making Money As An Online Trainer:

Because online training is still so new, there’s an endless potential when it comes to compensation. It is not easy to get any kind of business started however, online there are so many resources available to you in order to help you sell products, services, or videos that you are interested in relating to your personal training goals.

There’s a number of opportunities beyond just physical training when it comes to online training. There are a number of coaches who invest their time in producing short and easy to read e-books. There are others who do one-on- one training or who have found ways to be present for their client’s physical goals when they can’t be together in person.

They can essentially sell one product, such as an e-book ($9.99) to at least 50 individuals and still make roughly $500 on that one project. It is specific to your passion and what you are creative with.

While there are a number of ways to make money as a personal trainer, there may be one that you are better suited for. This means that if you are more creative or business savvy, you may be able to create financial independence for yourself by creating your own business empire.
If you are just testing it out, that’s important too. It’s critical to always explore your options and make sure you’re making the best decision based on your own personal skills and strengths as well as your desires. There opportunities are endless, you just got to put your name out there and MMA GYMS is here to help!

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