Does your gym have trouble finding new customers?

We can HELP!

Like most combat sports gym owners, you are really passionate about the discipline you teach.


You just can’t seem to get enough members to make the kind of living you deserve.

We feel your pain!

MMAGYMS.NET  is a premium online global directory website specifically for combat sports gyms only. Our website is designed to help gym owners save valuable money in marketing and advertising costs, while still increasing your online visibility to capture more members by having your gym listed. MMAGYMS.NET receives hundreds of thousands of visitors per month from users looking for gyms in their local area.

Why should you choose us?

Our company is made up of highly skilled marketers, social media experts, martial arts enthusiast and most importantly we want your business to succeed!

Unlike YELP we do not charge by “per impressions”
and if you are unfamiliar what that means, let me explain it to you. When you list your business on Yelps directory they charge you .60 cents for every impression your listing receives. Now impressions are not clicks, impressions count when a user see’s your listing ad, whether they click on it or not it doesn’t matter. Think about all the times you have personally used Yelp to find a restaurant and you scrolled down a large list. All those listings were charged .60 cents because their listings were seen. There are many companies and small businesses paying $200-$800 per month to be listed on Yelp.

The Good news is we don’t charge those outrageous prices, not even close. Our Basic Package is only $7.99 per month. We have three different packages to choose from:  Basic, Basic Plus and our BEST is the Featured Package for many reasons and I will explain the differences between the three down below.  But as you can see, we are serious when we say, Let us Help You SAVE MONEY and Help You INCREASE your Online Presence!

The number one struggle for gym owners?

It can be brutally hard to find new members.  Running your business, coaching classes and finding members for your gym can be overwhelming and rightfully so. Our platform will help alleviate atleast one of those struggles. The truth is we have noticed there are many great schools and gyms across the globe that are frequently threatened by not making enough money to keep going.

Being listed on will make it a lot easier for people to find you.  And it will make it a lot easier for people to decide on your school instead of another one.

As a company devoted to combat sports, we understand the challenges you face better than anyone else out there.

Are you tired of:

  • A weak online presence that doesn’t generate customers?
  • Paying too much for online marketing that isn’t bringing in new members?
  • Paying too much for advertising that doesn’t work?
  • Being ripped off by sEO agencies that want to charge you $1000's per month to be on Google?
  • Not being found by the people that would benefit most from working with you?
  • Closing classes due to the lack of members or interests?
  • Not being able to charge what you’re worth?
  • Not having the money to invest in equipment?
  • Always worrying about making your bills?


  • We are the only directory solely devoted to the fighting arts. Normal business directories like Yelp are too broadly focused and expensive to really help a business like yours.
  • This isn’t just a business to us. We are passionate about our devotion to the martial arts, teachers and coaches that make it happen. No one cares more about your success than we do!
  • Our service is incredibly cost effective. We want you to save more money, so you can make more money! That savings could go towards new equipment and other needs.
  • Did I mention TRAFFIC? MMAGYMS.NET receives hundreds of thousands of page views each month for people looking for gyms in your local area. It really doesn't get better than that!
  • All that web traffic means more people learning about you, and more visitors becoming your members!
  • We leave no stone unturned with our directory listings. You will have the ability to add all your social media profiles, YouTube videos, upload weekly and monthly class schedules. Most importantly, we have two listing packages that offer unlimited categories, which is great for a school that teaches multiple disciplines!

We are here to help you:

  • Attract more members
  • Create a stronger online presence
  • Give you that online presence cheaply and simply
  • Make more money
  • Save money on advertising and marketing
  • add more classes instead of cancelling them
  • expand, hire better teachers and coaches
  • demand higher fee's
  • Make the kind of living you deserve

It’s not just for schools and gyms. We also work with specialty coaches and personal coaches.

  • Nutrition
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Throwing
  • Grappling
  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Power generation
  • Relaxation

If you can help a student or competitor in any way, is here for you!

here’s the best news!
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We have 3 levels of membership to meet the unique needs of your business!



  • First Month FREE so there is no risk to you!
  • One listing submission
  • Choose only one category
  • High Visibility
  • Price Level Guarantee! As long as you stay a member, your price will NEVER increase!

Basic Plus


  • First Month FREE so there is no risk to you!
  • One listing submission
  • Unlimited Categories - Great for gyms that teach multiple disciplines
  • Higher Visibility
  • Increased exposure
  • Price Level Guarantee! As long as you stay a member, your price will NEVER increase!




do you want to really take your New Customer Generation to a Whole New Level?
you will want our FEATURED Package!

The FEATURED Package includes:

  • First Month FREE so there is no risk to you!
  • One listing submission
  • Unlimited Categories to describe all the styles you teach
  • High Visibility
  • Price Level Guarantee! As long as you stay a member, your price will NEVER increase!
  • Free Profile Creation by our Marketing WIZARDS! (Normally a $24.99 Fee)
  • Listing is optimized for Local Google Rankings!
  • FEATURED Listings rank higher on search!
  • Boosts your own website’s rankings with a do-follow link (very important for SEO)!
  • More Targeted Traffic!
  • Dedicated Support!
  • Dispute Negative Reviews (only available with FEATURED)!
  • Multiple location discounts

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Okay.. Here’s the Deal! We can only offer these current prices for a limited time only. You must act fast before the promotion is gone! But don’t worry, we are so confident in our services that your first 30 days is on us! There is absolutely NO RISK and you can cancel at anytime.

If for any reasons you still have questions about our different listing packages, services and forms of payment feel free to reach out to us at

All recurring payments will be made through PayPal.