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Nikidokai is based on a philosophy of mental and physical fitness growth and family. That’s why we use the Bonsai tree as a symbol. As a tree begins with a single seed and breaks open and begins to root itself firmly to the earth creating its foundation for growth it eventually sprouts from the soil and begins to branch in many directions, each branch different from another yet bound but not limited to the single tree, and from each branch, leafs, flowers or fruits are produced giving life and nourishment to the whole existence on earth from which it grew. The tree gives back to that which gave it life and eventually that tree will create new seeds that will begin the cycle all over again. The tree never asks for anything more than life itself. The tree is at ease at all times, even during moments of turbulence and strife the tree stands erect, strong and relaxed, simply flowing with the tides of nature.

The Bonsai is different in some ways. The Bonsai is cut from the roots of an existing tree much like Nikidokai was cut from the roots of many years of tradition. A Bonsai can be cut from any type of tree, there are many forms of Bonsai, just as Nikidokai is cut from many styles of Martial Arts; there is no limit. The Bonsai is portable, like the principles of Nikidokai’s “Dojo Within You” that say’s one should carry their own dojo within wherever they go. The Bonsai is also shaped and manipulated by its owner, it is an art within it self. The owner of a Bonsai can cut and prune their tree to be whatever they want it to be, give it whatever shape they want it to have. Just as Nikidokai is based in the 5 disciplines and at higher ranks is designed for each student to begin creation of the art that is right for them, as they are the owner and their Nikidokai can eventually take whatever shape and feel they would like it to have. Like the owner of a Bonsai the student of Nikidokai must just first learn how to shape and to care for it, how to grow it, how to cut and prune properly and most importantly how not to let it die.

Nikidokai serves as the soil from which our Martial Art can grow and therefore each student and each instructor is the seed planted firmly in the soil of Nikidokai. Through this we sprout our many branches and just as the tree always continues its cycle we also will eventually create a new seed as we advance and progress always planted firmly in the soil of Nikidokai.

Hanshi Nico
Founder of Nikidokai
Hall of Fame Member
Trainer of World Champions

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  • Laura
    November 10, 2023 at 3:09 pm

    SUCH A GREAT PLACE, COME CHECK IT OUT. If your looking for you or your kiddos. Saving lives and uniting families!

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