Abilene Karate Club, hosted by Texas Martial Arts Center, is a traditional-family oriented karate group.

Classes are instructed by Kyo Sa Nim Christine Biggs. Kyo Sa Nim Biggs has been practicing martial arts for over 10 years and is a Cho Dan (1st Degr

Abilene Karate Academy- AKA: Tang Soo Do Ho Sin Sul, is a traditional Korean martial art. We instruct martial arts that fosters a safe, family-friendly environment. Additionally, we focus on developing the student in a positive manner as well as instilling honor, loyalty, self-esteem, discipline, and most of all self-defense.

We accept students to begin their training as young as four years of age. We have classes for all ages for children, adult, and family classes.

Abilene Karate Academy and its instructors are endorsed and recognized by the Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation.

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