We have the most professional and proven instructors in the State:

Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Coral Belt (Red & Black) Pedro Sauer and Greg Nelson.

The only CSW Coach under Shooto World Champion Erik Paulson in North Dakota.
The only gym in North Dakota to repeatedly bring fighters into the most prestigious fighting organizations in the world; the UFC and BELLATOR. And have fighters ranked in the top 20 in the world.
Undefeated MMA Coach (7-0) with over 18 years of professional MMA experience. Coach, mentor, and cornerman to UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, Bodog, Extreme Challenge, and Affliction MMA fighters.
Home to the #12 ranked heavyweight contender in the world, UFC vet, and Bellator fighter Timothy Johnson.
Home to former UFC vet Pablo "Scarecrow" Garza.

Home to The Ultimate Fighter 12 GSP vs. KOS alum Dane "Redhorse" Sayers.

Home to UFC vet Chris "Crowbar" Tuscherer.

Home to the 2 x All National Guard MACP Combatives Tournament Champions and Tournament Runner Up (2011/2012) Sgt. Cody Lincoln and (Ret.) Sgt. Timothy Johnson.

The Academy of Combat Arts offers the highest quality martial arts training to anyone looking to take their game to the highest levels of the sport, or for those with a general interest in self defense and combative sports.
Courses offered include; Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling, Wrestling, and Greg Nelson's MMA.

Classes are tailored to all skill levels, ages and the like. People of all skill levels are able to learn and have a great time, while also achieving prime physical condition.

Seminars have been hosted from world champions such as Sean "Muscle Shark" Sherk, Jacob Volkmann (UFC), Nat McIntyre (muay Thai Champion), Kaitlin Young (Bodog), Saul Mitchell, Mike Pierce (UFC) Andrew Kapel (#4 North American muay Thai fighter at 185lbs) Nick Thompson (Bodog World Champion ,UFC), Lana Stefanic (BJJ World Champ), and Greg Nelson himself as well as other great members of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. (

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