Our Kids Muay Thai program is designed to teach kids the basics of Muay Thai while building teamwork and discipline.  While the training is still tough enough to put your young champion in great shape, you won’t have to worry about them going home with bumps in bruises.


The contact is kept to a minimum and the goal is for the kids to have fun, build character, make friends, and learn effective self defense while getting in shape.  The program is broken down into three age groups which you can read about below.  As your child gets older, they begin to learn the more serious aspects of Muay Thai, such as fighting strategies and sparring.  By the time they reach the age to become part of our flagship Adult Muay Thai program they may be  much more developed skill wise then some of our adults!

GEAR REQUIRED: Gloves, handwraps, shin pads, mouthpiece, & groin cup

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