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We teach the martial art of TAE KWON DO – the way of the foot and the hand – utilizing hand strikes and kicks. You will also learn SELF-DEFENSE – a method of breaking holds and striking in order to get away should you be attacked on the streets. Children learn anti-bullying and stranger techniques.  In addition, you will learn self-control, respect, integrity, confidence and many important life skills. These classes are excellent for all ages, for men, women, teens, children, and families.

Grand Master Ajay has been in the martial arts for over 53 years and with all of his vast experience, he still teaches all of his students. You won’t find this kind of training and specialized instruction anywhere.

Mrs. Ajay is a California credentialed school teacher and a 4th-degree black belt.  She taught in the public school system for over 14 years and is very good with the students whether they are children, teenagers, or adults.

Ajay’s Karate is a family business – owned and operated by Michael and his wife Lydia. The atmosphere at Ajay’s Karate is family oriented, with small classes and a lot of attention to each student.

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