The Amarillo Martial Arts Center offers a full and comprehensive curriculum of established programs that include authentic Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate, Okinawan Kobudo, and realistic self-defense training. Instruction is age appropriate and available in separate classes for Children ages 5 through 9, Juniors ages 10 through 14, and Adults ages 15 through you are never too old to start.
Training for Children is filled with life lessons that are beneficial inside and outside the classroom. Juniors are encouraged to reach for excellence in their karate training, and in their lives as well. Adult training provides total body fitness, and realistic self-defense solutions to real life situations.
The Amarillo Martial Arts Center provides a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere in which to train. Beginners are welcome anytime, and are never made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Parents are always welcome to view their children’s classes. Enrollment is quick and easy, and no contract is required. Your welcome to visit us at 3101-3 S. Western St. for a free trial class, or call 806-367-9733 for additional information.
Start your training today for a healthier, safer, secure tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did. Guaranteed!

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