esse Swain is the head instructor and owner of American Muay Thai in Parkville, MD.  With a combined combat sports record of 24-2, his experience includes Boxing (5-0), Muay Thai (15-1) and MMA (4-1).  He also holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Monroe Hall (Baltimore BJJ) and he serves in the United States Airforce National Guard as a Munitions Technician.

A native of the Highlandtown neighborhood in Baltimore, Jesse’s foray into martial arts started when Jamie Rallo, one of his middle school teachers, encouraged him to take up wrestling in order to deal with bullying.  Following Mr. Rallo’s advice, Jesse joined the wrestling team at Eastern Technical High as a freshman, and continued on to wrestle for their varsity team.  After graduation in 2009 from Eastern Tech, he enlisted in the National Guard, where he still serves today.

In the summer before shipping off to basic training, and after seeing the famous UFC fight between Matt Hughes and Carlos Newton, he enrolled in Combat Sports Center (CSC) of Maryland so he could learn Muay Thai.  After his first class, with Coach Greg Dorsey, he was hooked and began attending every possible class offered at the time.  Coach Greg’s tutelage and guidance encouraged him to round out his fighting skills - not only by learning to strike, but by learning other disciplines CSC offered including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With only two months of training under his belt, Jesse eagerly signed up for an amateur MMA fight.  Still new to the world of striking, he leveraged his wrestling base, taking down and submitting his opponent two minutes into the first round.  Following the win, his competitive spirit drove him to focus even harder on improving.  He became a fixture in not only all of the available classes, but began to work with any available training partners in open gym sessions.

A few weeks after his first fight, Jesse enrolled in a WKA Novice MMA tournament in Hampton, VA.  He leveraged his newly sharpened skills and he won all of his fights, grinding out opponents to take home the championship.

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