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Bendell Karate

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Karate produces the finest product in the world.  This product is people who are empowered, self-reliant, polite, and respectful of others.  These are people, who can go forth in our society and make a real impact.  They will become the leaders of tomorrow, creating new possibilities and pioneering futures that were not otherwise going to occur.  Bendell Karate is fully engaged in this process.


Bendell Karate offers a promise to you that we will provide the best training in all areas of the Martial Arts.  The physical training is the mechanism by which we communicate and instill the true benefits of Martial Arts.  These benefits come from the Five Tenets of Martial Arts, which build character, integrity and honor.


Bendell Karate not only teaches a broad variety of physical self-defense, we teach Character, Integrity, Honor, and the importance of setting goals in life.  Students receive a tremendous sense of pride in obtaining intermediate goals in the journey to reaching their life goals.

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