Master Lawrence started his karate training 40 years ago in 1970 in Las Vegas Nevada. In 1972, upon graduation from high school Master Lawrence moved to San Bernardino California to attend college and further his karate training. After graduating from Cal State San Bernardino with a degree in History and Physical Education and a California Teaching Certificate in 1977, he moved his young family to Utah to pursue a Master’s Degree in History. Throughout all his college days and even to the present Master Lawrence diligently pursued his studies of karate, kung fu and a little judo.

After teaching public school for a number of years and working in the corporate world, his wife, Charlene, decided to turn Master Lawrence’s hobby into a business. Charlene observed that from a parents’ perspective what was really valuable about karate training wasn’t just the kicking and punching and sparring that Master Lawrence enjoyed so much. But what was really valuable was the respect and discipline inherent in karate training if taught properly. As Master Lawrence and Charlene’s children grew the Lawrence’s thought of their karate school as a family farm in which they taught their children the fundamentals of business, how to budget, how to communicate with others, and how to treat people kindly.

“Master Lawrence is a master instructor. He can take virtually any student from where he is and teach him or her how to become a really good and respectful martial artist. And he does it without having to act like a drill sergeant.” – Ken from Sandy.

As their business grew several of their black belts decided to operate Bobby Lawrence Karate schools in their communities. From there the Bobby Lawrence Karate organization grew and grew. Master and Charlene Lawrence are proud to note that all three of their sons operate Bobby Lawrence Karate schools.

After retiring for a short time Charlene Lawrence wanted to get back into the swing of things so she opened a new branch of Bobby Lawrence Karate in Spanish Fork Utah. Currently there are 17 Bobby Lawrence Karate locations in Utah.

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