I reached a weight of 230 pounds... I was having extreme back pain and my doctor told me I needed to lose weight in order to alleviate some of the extra weight bearing pain I suffered from due to two herniated discs and a slipped vertebrae...I wanted to feel and look better than my condition at the time. Little did I know that Boxing Works would quickly become my home away from home and its members my extended family.  The instructors help you get more comfortable and confident with the sport in a very patient and supportive way. I’ve been taking classes for two years now and in every class I learn at least one new thing, which is awesome, and makes me feel like I’m building a solid foundation for the sport piece by piece....I gained incredible endurance, strength, and confidence. I couldn’t have been happier... Altogether I lost 75 lbs. on my weight loss journey and most importantly I feel and look great! Thanks to Boxing Works, I continue to train and maintain my weight and health… I’m surprised and proud of where I am now!

I think the classes at Boxing Works are fantastic and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good workout (and later, a good night’s sleep) while learning to defend yourself and making new friends. I highly recommend Boxing Works to anyone, regardless of age or gender.

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