The Sixth Black Panther

While Grandmaster Vince Lacey (Lay Wing Sung) has enjoyed all the e-mails and guestbook entries that his website has produced, he has felt compelled to respond to a certain guestbook entry regarding his personal opinion that Sifu Shane Lacey is deserving of the title “The Sixth Black Panther of Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut”.

The following guestbook entry was received on April 9, 2002 from a ‘Jack Bonsder’, who has used a bogus e-mail return address. Being unable to reply directly to this person, Grandmaster Lacey has decided to put it up for all to see.
4/9/2002 – 7:47 AM
Name: Jack Bonsder
Site: http://
Location: , ,
Comments: It takes a lot to be called the “sixth black panther” personally i don’t think shane lacey is at that stage yet. To my knowledge, i have never heard of shane winning any full contact no rules barred tournaments. There are many great fighters of choy li fut. The Lee Koon Hung Hung Sing Choy li Fut has produced many great fighters. other than that…..great website

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