This week we’ve been working from the double underhooks poistion attacking with our inside trip takedown (ouchigari) again.

When you have double underhooks your opponent needs to react to prevent you dominating their balance and posture, if they don’t use an overhook (wizzer) you can shuck one of their arms over your head and get to the back bodylock position, and from here you can lift and slam (see video of Demetrius Johnson below).

We also worked on our pummeling drill, escapes from the back bodylock, some beginner punching combinations and some fun spinning back elbows (Jon Jones style – see 2nd video below).

Then it was time for sparring: we did some standup striking, some standing wrestling and some ground grappling. – 3 min rounds with 1 min rest between.

I’ll update the post with some more technique pictures and videos of the techniques in action a bit later…..

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