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Jean Carrillo specialize's in Real Muay Thai. He is the BEST keep Secrets of Champions and he is here in Santa Ana.

Muay Thai is the science of the body’s 8 limbs as weapons (feet, knees, elbows and fists).

Jean will teach you the clinch.  A stand-up neck wrestling strategy is important in using elbows and knees effectively. Thai boxing today is the most devastating form of stand-up fighting.


Jean is one of the few that trained and worked with Ramon Dekker (RIP) and Cor Hemmer in the late 90's, and was one of the rare french fighters that fought for Benny the Jet Urquidez in the early 90's.  Jean also trained with Dr Yodtong Senenan in Pattaya during the golden age.

He was the partner of Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai also known as the Thai Tyson due to his KO power and is one of the best boxers Thailand has ever produced. He defended the title 18 times before vacating it in order to challenge for the WBA Super Featherweight title which he won by defeating Lakva Sim on 13 April 2004.

Yodsanan successfully defended the title three times defeating Lamont Pearson, Ryuhei Suguta and Steve Forbes. On 30 April 2005 he faced challenger Vicente Mosquera at Madison Square Garden. Yodsanan became the first man to ever knock Mosquera down but still lost the fight by unanimous decision.

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