Special attention is deserved from MECUM, the dome-shaped capsule - suitable for any chair - hosting two integrated headphones and a DVD Player with plasma screen for studied relaxing DVD.
MECUM involves more senses, offering comfortable sight and hearing stimulation.
The nice design and the use versatility in the different positions make MECUM a relax area easy to be adjusted.

MECUM solutions:

with a Music vibrating Chair = it can complete the music massage experience offering a relaxing video;
with a Massage Shiatsu Chair/Mattress = it can complete the massage relaxation with the right audio and videos,
with an Office Chair  = it can offer a relaxing break, to help you calm tensions and re-start working recharged.

MECUM Technical features:
• Outside Plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass, in optical white colour, inside finishing in particular absorbing material for a musical fascinating hearing
• Frame: elegant support articulated tubular, in lacquered blue colour, base with swivelling wheels
• An inside switch to adjust dome height
• A DVD Player with 3 relaxing DVDs

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