What is Muay Thai ?
Muay Thai is the martial art of Thailand. Known as the science of 9 limbs, Muaythai not only uses strikes from fists and leg kicks, but also elbows, knees and most important, Nak Sou "Soul".

We provide private one-on-one training at the academy. Cheetah will personally design a program that meets your needs and goals, whether you are a hardcore exercise enthusiast or a beginner, and will train you at a pace appropriate for your fitness level.



Cheetah has taught everyone from aerobics instructors to people interested in weight loss to thephysically disabled, and will listen to you to make sure that he matches his training sessions to your changing needs.





As you work one-on-one with Cheetah and his instructors, you will find that they push you past where you thought you could go, but makes it so fun that it doesn't seem like work!





The benefits of Muay Thai:
Self confidence
Maintenance of healthy weight
Body and Mind therapy

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