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March's Vegan Fitness Challenge


March’s challenge is a combination of nutrition and physical as well as mental fitness.

The goal is to workout for 21 days consistently on a vegan base diet . A 30 minute consultation will occur before starting the challenge either in person or over the phone. Every two weeks you will get a meal plan with your macros calculated to make sure you are getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat that you need to fuel your body.

What the challenge consists of:


Daily workouts online and in studio
Customized workout programs
Weekly 20 minute 2 on 1 workout and reassessment sessions
Measurements, and body fat % calculation
Online  private community group for tips and peer motivation and support


Online workouts will be done on the Facebook messenger App.

There will be a private community group to help support your fellow peers that share the same like minded goals as you, which helps with accountability.

IYou will need a mat,  jump rope,  and resistance bands ranging from light to heavy resistance. A set of weights ranging from 8 to 15lbs.

​Once you sign up, there will be a consultation over the phone or in person regarding your fitness goals, starting weight, and measurements.

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