We are Huntsville's premier school for real-world self-defense, fighting, and fight-specific conditioning.   We are the only school in the state to be certified by the Krav Maga Alliance, and Alabama's only Bang Muay Academy.


We brought Krav Maga to Huntsville, and are the longest-running Krav Maga school in all of Alabama.


Our only mission is to train you in the most modern and effective methods of self-protection available.​​​

Founded in 2008 by a combat-decorated veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, Claymore offers our students the insight and experience of what really works in the stress and chaos of a violent encounter.

We've actually had to use our techniques in multiple armed and unarmed combat engagements.  They work.

They will work for you.


Does having instructors with real close-combat experience make a difference in the quality of your training?  Come check us out and see.​​

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