Qi Gong is a Chinese gymnastics that combines simple movement without movement, breathing exercises and concentration techniques.Because the movements are soft, relaxed and slow, it provides relaxation of the body deepening by breathing that slows down. This state of deep relaxation allows us to feel a great inner well-being and to connect with the outside. Thus, by practicing regularly, this ability to feel the beings, the world and the energy of the universe will intensify.


Tai-chi, another Chinese gymnastics, is a moving meditation that consists of a series of slow movements performed in a precise sequence.This Chinese discipline seeks inner balance and the release of energy.His practice leads us to aspirations of calm, inner peace and concentration. When the mind is clear, willing and calm, it is possible to see deeply in things. So, that is why it is said that a true practitioner will be able to sense an opponent's intentions before they are expressed and will often develop the ability to feel events even for non-martial purposes. Many martial arts masters were considered wise and consulted for their sense of human life. They had learned to live without confusion or doubt and to find peace and happiness.

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