About CNY Karate
Central New York Karate and Kobudo Schools was founded in 1963 on the principles of teaching excellence to help our students reach their personal development goals.

Our students practice a style of karate known as Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Seibukai (Pure Heart Association)-the Goju Ryu (go-hard; ju-soft; ryu-style) karate system developed by the most famous of all Karate masters, Master Miyagi Chojun.

Students of all ages come to CNY Karate for any number of reasons, including self defense, self-development, exercise, etc.

Our award-winning Character Development program for children is recognized by some of the top US and Okinawan karate teaching organizations (such as the Okinawan Goju Ryu Seibukai Organization and the Ryukonkai Association) for helping to instill character traits (respect, self-discipline, responsibility, integrity and goal setting) that can steer a child toward success in school and life.

CNY Karate’s programs for adults help develop a sound body and mind.  Many adults join for the self defense training, and quickly come to appreciate physical fitness and mental sharpness that karate provides as well.

Our teaching staff has more than 10 years of karate teaching experience, and have gone through an Instructor Training Program to become certified both in the US and our governing body in Okinawa, Japan.  Our instructors are continuously upgrading their    martial arts and teaching skills through advanced training.

You can find a CNY Karate dojo (school) at one of our convenient locations in the Greater Syracuse area:  East Syracuse, Chittenango, or Camillus. We also have affiliate schools located throughout Upstate New York.

Also, as the International headquarters for the Okinawan Seibukai Association, we enjoy an affiliate relationship with like-minded karate schools throughout the world.

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