Owners, Marcos and Joao started training Brazilian jiu jitsu in 2006. From the beginning they were inspired to become coaches and open a gym. Before becoming coaches the twins invested time and money to compete or attend seminars every single week. As purple belts they became affiliated with GF Team in 2010, and began coaching as brown belts. In 2012 they opened a small academy in Bridgeport. The adults and youth jiu jitsu program, and women’s kickboxing programs quickly grew over the next two years. In 2013 coach and owner Joao won first place at the IBJJF worlds championship. GF Team CT students began competing in local and international tournaments; in 2014 one student won gold at the UAEJJF Worlds in Abu Dhabi. Needing a bigger space, the brothers opened the North Ave location in 2014 and the programs have continued to grow since. In 2014, 2015, and 2017 the kids program won first place at BJJ Tour. In 2016 they also won first place at NAGA CT and NAGA New England. In 2016 and 2018 GF Team CT kids took gold at IBJJF Pan Championships. 9 students from Cruvinel Brothers Academy competed at Pan Championships in 2018 placing GF Team CT in 10th place, among schools from around the world. The adults program won 1st place at No-gi NY Open Summer 2017 and 2nd place at No-gi NY spring Open 2017, and 1st place at 2017 Women’s No-gi Pan Championships.

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