It opened in 2006, everything started in my garage with only one boxing bag and
in training a friend, you unfortunately that friend came with another friend and when he counted, there were 10 people who came every day.

I've always liked boxing since I was 7 years old and I started training boxing and I always said to myself, this is my favorite sport,
I had many amateur fights and also became a professional boxer, I retired in 2001 and after 5 years came boxing again to my life where everything started with a game of friends, since 2006 my purpose is to help our young people in our community.

Without the support of anyone, I started to put my garage in order to have a boxing gym, where the young people had something to do.
every day a new student arrived at our boxing gym and without realizing it, there will be 95-100 young people in our boxing gym,
It was when I said our gym will be called (DANNY RIZZO PRO BOXING CLUB) and little bit we were growing but something happened in 2012
where our boxing gym and my house were burned completely because my house and garage were very close; when my students knew. The news was very sad but everyone told me that the gym had to come back and that they would help me, all the popes of my students supported me neighbors sold food others made car-wahs others had yards of clothes to sell all this because They wanted their gym back and we put a lot of effort to have our gym back and continue to help our community and our youth, thank God we achieved it and today I continue and will always continue to support and help the youth and our community.

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