Born in Phoenix, AZ the youngest of 4 boys, Dan was exposed to martial arts at a very young age. He started doing Goju Ryu karate at the age of 2 and shodokan by the age of 8. His older brother was competing in international rules/lowkick kickboxing in 1988, a sport his mom wouldn’t allow him to participate in so he was just able to watch from the sidelines. He would spar his brothers at home until the age of 13 when his mom finally gave in and let him sign up for class. Very eager to learn he quickly developed a passion for a sport that would forever change his life.

Dan had his first fight in 1993, under the tutelage of Nico Fernandez. He built his amateur record to 16-3-1 before turning pro at the age of 19. He had a promising professional career, contracted by Dennis Warners WCK. In 2002 the gym he was training out of closed and he began training with Bob Karmel at his Back Alley camp in Chandler. In 2003 with a professional record of 6-1 he was forced to retire. His last fight was on stacked pay-per-view card with stars like JWP, Matee and Pajunsuk. After that fight he chose to have surgery to rectify the problem in his back but was unable to return to competition.

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