Karate classes at Denwakan in Lakewood are friendly but formal. It is important in martial arts classes to cultivate habits of respect and mutual courtesy.

Before the formal beginning of class, one of the instructors or senior students leads warm-ups. These are combinations of karate movements, stretches, and conditioning exercises. After warm-ups comes the formal beginning of class.

We begin with bows to the founder of our style, to our teacher, and to our fellow students. Next comes a moment of meditation as we recite the dojo precepts. We are now physically and mentally prepared for class.

Class is different each day, depending on what Kurobane Sensei feels we need to work on. There are many ways to improve! We may practice timing by working with partners, or learn footwork moving up and down the floor. Sometimes we use heavy punching bags or pads. We may run kata (forms) at different speeds, or take the kata apart to learn the applications behind the moves.

There is lots of individual attention in every class. Students are expected not only to pay close attention to the instructors, but also to their fellow students.

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