A Unique Martial Arts Experience
The Dragon Bushido Martial Arts System is unique in the martial arts for several reasons. First, the Dragon Bushido Martial Art’s Okinawan Shorei Ryu, Shotokan, Goju Ryu karate, Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu System combines elements from the world’s top martial arts into one system, which are then distilled into a format that can be easily learned by people of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the Dragon Bushido Martial Arts System is based on a foundation of practical, proven self-defense techniques that can be learned by anyone and maintained with minimal practice. Ultimately, it is the fantastic environment, created by the entire staff at DBMA , that is the hallmark of the Dragon Bushido Martial Arts System. A friendly, family – like environment is enjoyed by all.

Superior Martial Arts Instruction
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​Kyoshi Pon Inthathirath is a Seventh degree black belt and has over twenty years of martial arts experience over several disciplines.  He began his study in Shotokan Karate-Do and Muay Thai in his teenage years and received his training in Shorei Ryu Karate-Do as a young adult.  As his skills increased, he became part of the Sidekick International Karate team in the 1990’s under the direction of World Champion John Chung.  Kyoshi has been fortunate enough to study under some great Masters and credits his knowledge of the art of Karate-Do to Master Morris L. Mack, Master John Sharkey, Sensei Suzan Wancket, Kyoshi Dan Simon, Kyoshi Mark Baier and Kyoshi Manie Garcia.
Like his instructors, his dream was to teach and pass on what he has learned to other students.  That dream was realized in 1999 when he relocated to Boise.  He began with a small group and today he is the Master Instructor of Dragon Bushido Martial Arts.  He now teaches classes of all ages that range from young children to adults.  Kyoshi uses his martial arts experiences to train students in Shorei Ryu, a traditional Okinawan Karate-Do system as well as Muay Thai, Krav Maga and MMA curriculum.
Kyoshi Pon Inthathirath has a passion for teaching and enthusiasm for his students to transform from his classes.  He challenges his students while keeping the atmosphere fun and providing a family friendly environment.  His goal is to strive to teach his students excellence through respect for themselves and others both inside the dojo and others both inside the dojo and in their daily lives.  This philosophy extends to all who come through the doors no matter their starting point or age.

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