Dynamix MMA was founded in 2010 by Antoni Hardonk and Henry Akins. After studying martial arts for the majority of their lives, both men felt that it was time for the next phase in their martial arts journey—passing on the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their respective careers. They decided to merge their complementary expertise into a single, cohesive system and open a training center where they could teach all aspects of modern combat sports, using the most effective and efficient techniques and concepts.

Together, Henry and Antoni formed Dynamix, where people from all walks of life come together to reach their fitness and martial arts goals; from beginner level students interested in learning fundamental techniques and self-defense, to professional fighters seeking to perfect their discipline for competition at the highest levels.

In 2012, long time friend and training partner, Vladimir Matyushenko joined the coaching staff and thus completed the MMA curriculum by adding his wrestling expertise to Antoni’s Kickboxing and Henry’s Jiu-Jitsu, forming a complete system of fighting education.
The name “Dynamix” is based on the scientific term “Dynamics”. The founders of Dynamix MMA found that “Dynamics” was the perfect term to describe their teachings. Just like the scientific application, the martial arts curriculum taught at Dynamix also represent the correlation between forces and bodies in motion—however in this context, the emphasis is on human bodies in motion.

Mission Statement

To create an environment conducive to personal development by providing the highest level of modern Mixed Martial Arts training for people from all walks of life and experience levels, in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

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