Need to shed a few lbs or lower your body fat percentage? Need to get ready for your Army Physical Fitness Test? Need to fit in that dress or favorite pair of jeans? Need training, sparring or mitt work for an upcoming fight or cardio & strength training for another type of sports competition? Come accomplish any one or all of those things here at EJK Boxing & Fitness Club. Come lose weight and tone your muscles in great and fun way. Come practice and train to fight without fighting. Practice and or learn the "sweet science" of boxing  without having to compete as a boxer. Train and look like a professional fighter without becoming a professional and have fun doing it (also, you might decide professional or amateur combat sports is what you were put on this earth to do). Train with actual boxing trainers that know how to teach the concept of boxing while getting you as fit as a boxer. We specialize in getting you where you want to be.

Our Mission
"You can't get where you want to be if you're not trying to get there." Nick (EJK Boxing & Fitness Club LLC owner)
We are here and will be more than happy to help get you where you want to be.
"If you are going to do it, you might as well be good at it." Nick (EJK Boxing & Fitness Club LLC owner)
We are here to ensure that what ever you do in the gym, you are good at it.
EJK Boxing & Fitness Club is primarily here to help you look and feel like a fighter through high-intensity workouts that all world-class fighters perform. Its not for turning you into an amateur or pro fighter. We cater to men, women, and children of all skill and fitness levels. No previous boxing or combat sports experience is necessary to join.
EJK Boxing & Fitness Club's mission is to help men, women, youngsters and the young at heart become more confident and healthy. Boxing is a great sport and my favorite sport to help accomplish this goal. EJK Boxing & Fitness Club is here to ensure that its members are in the greatest shape possible for each individual.
If you have a dress, jeans, suit, military or other uniform you would like to look better in, come to EJK Boxing & Fitness Club and you'll be happy you came. Also, Our facility is a great place to go before and after work for a great workout.

If Running/jogging is no longer an option or just not your cup of tea, EJK Boxing & Fitness Club is a great place to come to get your cardio workout and burn calories. The harder you work the more calories you burn.
A one hour boxing class/tutorial for all new comers will be available (if wanted) consisting of the following: balance/boxing stance, how to punch, footwork, & conditioning drills for individuals that want to workout on their own after learning the boxing principles & techniques

Our club is also for pros and amateurs  who are looking for a great place train in their chosen combat sport whether its boxing, wrestling, martial arts, or MMA .



Gym Profile
EJK Boxing & Fitness Club LLC is solely owned by US Army Veteran (1SG retired) and certified US Army Master Fitness Trainer. We at EJK Boxing & Fitness Club are here to help you reach your goals and to help you maintain or exceed those physical fitness goals. Our military experience, physical fitness and boxing training will ensure that you will have the greatest physical training experience available without the hassle.

This gym is not designed to become a big business. It's designed for families and working individuals to have a place to go to get a good and intense workout, relieve some stress, and to loose or gain some weight and or gain some muscle & confidence.

A boxing gym is very different from a regular gym. Everyone here is always busy working-out and not standing around machines talking. At EJK Boxing & Fitness Club, if you aren't sweating, you are not working-out. If you aren't smoked after 20 minutes you're not finished working out. We will ensure that you get a full and serious and fun workout every time you visit the gym. Boxing also teaches "Life Lessons" that can be applied in all aspects of what a person does on a daily basis. Our Strength & conditioning training program at EJK Boxing & Fitness Club is very good and tailored to your physical fitness level & needs, focusing on muscular & cardiovascular endurance training making it the perfect way to get in shape and lose weight.

The difference between our gym and other big box gyms is that our gym has actual boxing trainers (not guys that just know how punch & kick) that will train you to get in the best shape of your life.

My Story

Born & raised in North & West Philadelphia, Pa. I started boxing at the age of 8 and have not stopped training since I've started. I boxed at the Philadelphia Police Athletic League from age 9 - 16 winning several championships along the way in several weight classes, the final as a welter weight (147 lbs). After graduating from Overbrook High School in 1985, I joined the Army at age 18 and continued to box while stationed at my first duty station in Panama as an Imagery Intelligence Analyst. I continued competitive amateur boxing for the next two years until the US Army Special Forces came calling (Green Berets) & recruited me to join. I worked within the Joint Special Operations Forces (JSOF) community for the next 14 years as an intelligence analyst, exercise designer & mission planner, eventually becoming the only enlisted head of intelligence (J2) in the Armed Forces. Along the way I got married to a great woman & have three awesome children. I decided to rejoin the Regular Army at FT Hood after being promoted to Master Sergeant with the goal of becoming a First Sergeant (there were no First Sergeants in the JSOF units I served in). After my 14th & final combat deployment in 2004- 2005, I retired after 20 years of service as a First Sergeant in September 2005. I received 35 medals & commendations along the way among them being highlighted by the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Joint Meritorious Service & Meritorious Service (x2) Medals. After continuing my schooling & earning my Bachelors degree in Business Management, I then became a civilian contractor working as a GCSS-ARMY Mentor & then the  Officer-In-Charge of one the Army's newest units, TASK FORCE ODIN - CONSTANT HAWK.  After 5 years as a contractor, in November 2012, I opened EJK Boxing & Fitness Club & the rest, as they say, is history & hopefully, with your help, a great future

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