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Hi, my name is Emily. I graduated from college with a degree in French Education. I never planned to be in the fitness world, but I am here! After joining the local Y to meet people when I first moved to town, I discovered how much I loved Zumba. I became certified to teach it, and then slowly discovered how good it felt to be fit, so I learned how to teach other classes. A friend and I decided to open our own fitness boutique studio to teach classes, and she did some personal training. Watching her work with clients made me realize how much I wanted to work one-on-one with people. I am a great listener, and I love to get to know people, so it's a great fit! Now I train clients and I love my job!

What to Expect

Personal training at Empowered Wellness & Fitness Studio looks a lot different than it does at other gyms. Our hallmark is strengthening from the ground up and the core out. In a typical training session, our clients come in and start using a foam roller to relieve tight muscles. Then they work on strengthening their feet. They learn how to improve their breathing. They work to strengthen their core muscles first, and then they work to build muscle. It's important to set reasonable goals and review them. We begin by sitting down with you and talking about your current level of fitness, your exercise history, and any injuries. Then we listen as you tell us what your concerns are, and we work together to set 3 goals as well as a timeline for achieving them. We talk about potential barriers and how to overcome them. We talk about their goals constantly, and we celebrate the successes, no matter how big or small. We talk a lot about their mindset, and we work to turn "can'ts" into "I can't waits!" We work with our clients, creating programs of exercise that are just the right amount of challenge. We do not yell or shame or make our clients do things that will injure them. We will push you, but safety is always a priority.

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