Master Ernie Reyes Sr. & Tony Thompson

The founders of the West Coast World Martial Arts (WCWMA) Association are Master Ernie Reyes and Tony Thompson. They have shared their martial arts journey in life for 45 years straight, consistently training and teaching. Their goal is to impact and empower as many lives as possible in a positive way through the WCWMA Black Belt and Mastery Success System.

Master Ernie Reyes Sr. of Ernie Reyes’s WCWMA Association was honored as one of the greatest martial arts masters of the 20th century. He was featured along with his World Action Team on TNT Television Networks’ Masters of the Martial Arts. Master Reyes has also been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Master Reyes has received lifetime achievement awards from every major national martial arts association in the USA, including the Martial Arts Super Show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. Last year’s recipient was Chuck Norris. The National Association of Professional Martial Arts and The International Educational Funding Company have also given him prestigious awards.

Master Ernie Reyes is one of the most versatile martial artists in the world. He is known as the pioneer of creative marital arts in America. Master Reyes was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year by producing seven national champions in one year from one school.

Master Reyes has spearheaded his internationally famous World Martial Arts Action Team for over 36 years. The team is known for performing with 10 to 50 dynamic team members synchronized to powerful and uplifting music. Ernie Reyes’s World Action Team is a high-energy performance of drill team precision, acrobatics, unique fight scenes, comical skits, and creative forms, all choreographed to dynamic music and Taiko drumming. The team is a perfect blending of traditional and modern-day martial arts for the audience’s entertainment.

Kick Illustrated Magazine called Master Reyes, “Master of Creative Karate,” for his unique martial arts instruction of his students and creative choreography of martial arts performances. Budo International Magazine in Europe stated, the “Ernie Reyes World Action Team is the #1 martial arts demonstration team in the world.” A national karate magazine called the team the Harlem Globe Trotters of karate. The in-demand team has performed, acted, and thrilled audiences of all ages from East Coast to West Coast.

Ernie Reyes’s World Action Team has also toured worldwide. The team has performed in Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada, Korea, Tahiti, Hawaii, Australia, Venezuela, Thailand, Italy, Alaska, Philippines, Caribbean, and England. The team has been an ambassador of goodwill for America.

The team has been highlighted in every major national karate magazine in America as well as in Europe. The World Action Team has thrilled audiences on ESPN, pay-per-view cable events, and every major national karate tournament in the United States.

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