Fearless MMA was established in 2009 by brothers Kaish and Kamby Banger. Kaish and Kamby were heavily influence by their father, a former wrestler in India. Kaish has his MMA roots in Thai Boxing, as a former British Thai Boxing Champion he boasts over 20 years experience competing and training in Thai Boxing. Kamby Banger has used his wrestling skills globally, participating in numerous training and competitive events worldwide. He has numerous British and English titles in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, and is former captain of the Great British Wrestling Team.

Both Kaish and Kamby are incredibly passionate about passing on their knowledge and expertise, especially to younger members – they strongly believe that they are the future. Here at Fearless, we actively encourage healthy living. A healthy body equals a healthy and positive mind.

We actively work with schools and young people – our staff are able to relate to youngsters through positive activity & education through Martial Arts. This helps keeps troubled teens off the streets, and provides younger members with positive role models. We offer talks on bullying, drugs and alcohol, in addition to providing younger members with a positive mindset. We always strive to keep our members active and healthy through MMA training.

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