We specialize in Jiu-Jitsu but we love all things fitness. Fox Fitness is Northwest Wichita's premier training facility. We offer traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kids BJJ, submission grappling, kickboxing, kettlebell sport, group and private fitness training. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first. If you are looking for an environment that stimulates personal growth, with coaches and teammates that will push you to meet your goals, Fox Fitness is it.

Jake began training in martial arts as a teen, dabbling in Judo, Karate, and Muay Thai before being introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2000. After a brief exploration of professional wrestling, Jake committed himself to the study of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since 2004, Jake has worked on learning as much as he can about the grappling arts. His love of fitness motivated him to achieve an M.Ed. and BA in Exercise Science from Wichita State University. For over 5 years Jake was the head BJJ instructor at JMTK in south Wichita. At JMTK, Jake developed as a teacher and as an athlete. As a competitor, he has fought in sport jiu-jitsu, and in MMA and Muay Thai at the amateur and professional levels. Jake is a blackbelt under Prof. Andre "Tim" Monteiro.
Prof. Jake Smith

Jake has had a lifelong interest in martial arts, keeping stacks of Blackbelt/Kung Fu magazines everywhere in his bedroom as a child. And although he never had any formal training until starting his BJJ journey in 2004, he realized the personal signifigance of martial arts. To this day he still has the same passion to learn, drill technique and share his knowledge with his training partners. This is immediately apparent to anyone who observes one of his classes. Jake has said about his style, "I don't have an elaborate BJJ resume, I've won some tournaments and lost some. I do however enjoying working hard, pushing my teammates to better themselves, and enjoy the shove back to improve on myself." Jake is a black belt under Prof. Andre "Tim" Monteiro.
Prof. Byron Jabara

Byron started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2002 under Prof. John Castillo. He is always trying to find the balance between hard training and having a fun playful style on the mat. His technical style and passion for keeping current of what is trending in jiu-jitsu, benefits all levels of students in the academy. Byron also runs the website, he is one of the hosts of The BjjBrick Podcast. Byron was awarded his Black Belt by Andre Monteiro in 2014

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