raditional Okinawan Karate

We use protective gear (provided) to practice our techniques in traditional karate with contact sparring in a controlled setting.  All ages participate in sparring, from the 3 year olds to adults!

Kata has been the traditional method for teaching fighting and grappling techniques for centuries.  At our dojo, students learn new katas at each rank, including yakusoko kumite (pre-arranged fighting).  As students progress, they learn to analyze kata and apply it.

At Freeman's Karate, we offer unlimited class attendance.  We encourage attending at least twice each week, and offer up to 7 classes per week even to our beginners.  You are sure to find a few that work in your schedule.  Classes are divided by age and level, to give the best learning and practice environment possible to our students.  Private lessons are available by appointment.  We invite anyone to come try a free week before they register!

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