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Headkicks is the premier Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and fitness club that specializes in fitness classes, traditional martial arts, MMA training and even bootcamp and personal / group training.




Our center serves families from all walks of life, as we strive to provide a unique opportunity and alternative to traditional martial arts classes for kids, teens and adults.




We cater to all ages and all fitness levels. So, whether you are trying kickboxing or another form of martial arts for the first time or want to train to compete, Headkicks is PERFECT for you!




At Headkicks, kids spend less time learning rehearsed forms that may prove to be impractical in real-life situations, and more time learning modern self-defense techniques in a non-aggressive and non-intimidating environment.




Our kid’s classes are designed to instill a well-rounded mixed martial arts skill set with emphasis on LIFELONG VALUES such as…




Self-control & Self-discipline
Mental Focus and Perseverance
Confidence & Respect


This will allow them to more effectively handle both mental stresses – by developing a sharp mental focus and self-awareness – and real world problems such as bullying.




Your kids will be introduced to an active, healthy lifestyle that builds character, self-esteem, and the interpersonal skills necessary for peaceful conflict resolution - in any situation or environment.




The SELF-CONFIDENCE and DISCIPLINE your child will get from martial arts can help them develop powerful coping strategies for dealing with and resolving confrontations with peers. By stressing the importance of safety, while teaching them a unique set of physical skills, your child will be BULLY-PROOF, no matter how big the bully may be. That gives you and your child a ton of peace of mind!




What We Stand For. Headkicks not only believes in improving the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. We want to create a place of respect and honor for you and your family and our classes reflect that in every way.




Martial Arts is much more than punching, grappling and take downs. It also emphasizes patience, practical thinking, personal development, and self-control. We also believe and teach that self-defense skills are only to be used to protect yourself or others, never to do any harm intentionally.




While all of that is serious work and can be challenging at times, the most important things you’ll always find at our facility are a lot of fun, friendship and genuine care and concern – from both the instructors and the other students.




Variety is the Spice of Life. When we say that we cater to all fitness levels, we really mean it! Headkicks offers a wide variety of classes suited for kids, teens and adults alike. From traditional practice to fitness to competitive training, we offer just what you are looking for. Whatever your goal is, it’s ours too.




For the Kiddos – Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo offer incredible benefits to kids who are learning how their body moves and all the awesome things they are capable of.




On the technical side, our classes encourage movement, focus, understanding of the body, and self-defense techniques.




On the traditional side, we teach valuable life lessons including respect for self and others, self-assurance, a passion for fitness and movement, body control, and more.




For Adult Fitness Enthusiasts / Kickboxing Beginners - If you are a beginner or just looking for a fun and addictive way to stay in shape, our fitness classes are PERFECT for you! The workouts are constantly varied, but keep you hooked at the same time.




We offer modifications for all exercises making it perfect for beginners of all ages, shapes or fitness levels or individuals who may suffer from injuries.




What makes it incredibly fun and interesting? We incorporate kickboxing and other arts into our fitness classes, so not only are you getting a GREAT work-out, you are also learning vital skills in the process.




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You’ll LOVE our awesome instructors! They’re passionate about martial arts and fitness and are excited about sharing everything they know with you. Read more about our head instructor below to get a feel for the kind of energy he brings to Headkicks.




Coach Aaron Phillips has been training in martial arts since the age of 7. He expanded his training with wrestling for 4 years at Lafayette High School under Coach Glenn Bernard.




Aaron has competed in 6 amateur boxing bouts and 11 amateur mixed martial arts bouts. He’s travelled to Thailand on 5 occasions to train Muay Thai under Pot Bunpot at Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand, as well as Team Quest in Chiang Mai, Thailand.




He has 2 Muay Thai fights and 2 Muay Thai victories in Thailand.




Aaron has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 9 years and is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Tim Credeur and BJJ Revolution Team. He continues to compete in BJJ & Judo competitions and holds the rank of Brown Belt in Judo under Matt Davis of the Louisiana Judo Club.




Aaron has fought professionally 11 times for top organizations such as the WFC and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.




Aaron has been teaching martial arts for 10 years. He currently coaches the Mixed Martial Arts Program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.




Although he continues to compete and coach at the elite level, he most enjoys teaching the children’s classes.  Watching students learn techniques and life lessons through martial arts is his biggest passion.

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