Seventh degree Master Instructors Jeff and Jade Hockman began their martial arts training in their youth practicing judo, combat judo and wrestling. In 1986, they started a journey that would change their lives forever as they began to practice the art of Songahm Taekwondo. Songahm Taekwondo is a traditional martial arts style that continues to evolve. It is a complete martial arts system that incorporates many different styles to develop physically and mentally well-rounded martial artists.

The ATA, STF and WTTU are the organizations that teach Songahm Taekwondo, the world’s largest martial arts style. The Hockmans are in the top 1% in rank of the over 1 million people that have trained in this style. Jeff and Jade Hockman have received numerous State, National and International awards. They have consistently been ranked top 10 in the world in their respective divisions and have won several Bronze medals and Silver medals at the ATA World Championships. In addition, Jade earned the title of Sparring World Champion in 2010.

Their students have had great success as well. The Hockmans have developed over 500 black belts, with numerous students earning State Champion titles and being top 10 competitors. Additionally, their students have won a total of 15 World Champion titles. Jeff and Jade have helped many of their students become internationally-certified instructors. Some of these instructors have gone on to open up schools of their own. The number of schools opened by their former students now totals 11 and continues to grow.

The Hockman brothers feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to change peoples’ lives every day while sharing their passion with others. More important than the accolades they and their students have earned is that they teach an art that is for everybody, from a 4-year-old child to a 64-year-old grandparent. Songahm Martial Arts at its essence is about people improving both physically and mentally, and we are all capable of that.

Senior Master Jeff Hockman was the cofounder and corner stone of Hockman’s martial arts. His strength could be seen through compassion, humility and perseverance. He went to great lengths to make sure that the spirit and philosophy of Songahm Taekwondo was woven deep in the fabric of Hockman’s martial arts. His life’s work was dedicated to empowering countless students by sharing the wisdom of Songahm. By bringing together a community based on values and togetherness, he was able to build a family under the ATA name.

For those that were fortunate enough to train under his guidance, they will not soon forget the lessons he taught. His patience with students, his calm demeanor and his dedication to form and technique were a big part of the culture that he culminated at Hockman’s marital arts. His life is preserved in the students he taught, the places he practiced and is forever part of the immortal tapestry of Songahm Taekwondo.

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