MMA (M ixed M artial to RTS) (Mixed Martial Arts)
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of various martial sports techniques in standing and on the ground. The origin of modern mixed martial arts is the Pankras of the ancient Olympics, one of the first systems of unarmed combat sports . Various mixed style competitions were held in the 1900s in Europe, Japan and the Pacific region. Modern examples of mixed martial arts have developed all over the world. Some of those; In the 1920s Brazil in developing Vale Tudo, Judo and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian developed on the basis of Jiu-Jitsu, the inhabitants of Russians in the Soviet union compiled from the traditional style of Sambo, Iran's O-Sports' u and Grappling (wrestling)Other styles that include. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was invented in 1995 by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) , which has gained popularity (UFC) to the top with the Ultimate Fighting Championship , was considered dangerous in the early UFC period as Vale-Tudo.
today, it was organized under the name of MMA and secured in the new form by the application of additional rules. Initially, with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, the competitions aimed at confronting opponents with minimum rules. Later, additional rules were adopted in order to increase safety and promote the general acceptance of the sport, so that the MMA became popular all over the world in a short time and became a branch in which more than one martial art contestants struggled into their own style. In 1993, he was brought to the United States by the founders of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Gracie family, which increased the popularity of this sport all over the world.

Today Coaches worldwide, IMMAF ( I nternational M ixed M artial the arts Fi ederatio), and WMMAF ( W orld M ixed M artial a rts F ederatio's) are found in amateur and professional activities of their rules and categories.

While IMMAF adopts UFC rules, it organizes competitions with WMMAF , MMA Elite, MMA Light (Kick Jitsu), MMA Full (Shoot Boxe), Ground Grappling categories and rules.

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