Fitness Training isn't a fad workout. A full boxing workout, this developed circuit training will get you lean and strong. Lose weight and tone up by burning calories during an intense boxing circuit that takes only 30 minutes. Our training gym uses only top quality Ringside™ boxing heavy bags and jump ropes in a no-frills environment. Your cardiovascular and muscle strength will benefit from our motivational and fun circuit training. We don't promote boxing matches - only a workout that is unmatched.

Both men and women can get fit, feel good and gain a stronger sense of self-confidence starting a routine of JAB Fitness Training today!

Jab Fitness gym offers a variety of equipment, and enough of each to accomodate those busy hours:

9 - Ringside Leather Heavy Bags ranging from 75lb to 150lb

1 - 6' 100lb Thai Bag

10 - Ringside Leather Speed Bags ranging from extra small to large

2 - Ringside Leather Double End Bags

A wide range of jump ropes including speed, leather and beaded ropes

Parabody Weight System including a Bench/Squat Rack, Hack Squat Machine, Lat Pull-Down Machine and Hyper-Extension/Roman Chair

3-minute round/1-minute rest Boxing Gym Timer

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